What Others Say

I do what I do because I believe everyone deserves a fair chance. If I succeed in helping my clients, I?m happy. Still, it?s rewarding when people take the time to thank me. Here is just a small sample of the kind of responses I have received in the past.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your professional legal advice and hard work for my discharge without conviction.

You are a very calm, wise and sympathetic lawyer who is with integrity, accurate judgement and profound insight into the law. I am very grateful that I have the chance to know you! This case could charge my life to a certain extent. In the future I will try my best to be a responsible person to the community, I will keep this case in my mind as a lesson. And also if someone around me needs legal advice, I will definitely recommend you! Hope you all the best! Thank you!

Should a person find themselves facing a criminal conviction with very real and serious life changing consequences if convicted, there is one Lawyer who I recommend to call without hesitation.

Mr David Young-Criminal Defence Lawyer once contacted provided me with an immediate assessment of my position and further recommended course of action I should follow. All options and scenarios were explained to me in detail and the likely outcome of each.

I took Mr Young?s recommendation and followed the instructions to the letter, Mr Young further debated the case with the Judge at sentencing leading to a ?Section 146 with no conviction?.

Mr Young – Thoroughly professional, calm, experienced voice of instruction when the client?s faced with extreme stress?..exactly what you need from a criminal defence lawyer.

Thank you David, forever indebted.

Dear?David, our family can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve ?done for us , steering us safely through this nightmarish year . Having your clear sighted guidance and support out of court and your calm utterly professional representation in court has carried us through this traumatic and frightening experience in more ways than you can imagine.
Knowing that we were in such good hands has been tremendously reassuring for us .?
The outcome you’ve helped us reach is beyond what we possibly could have hoped for .
Thank you for not only working for us but with us.?We are profoundly grateful.

?Thank you for your support and defence of my case. This was very important in my life. Winning this case has helped my stress.?

– Client charged with two counts of indecent assault

?I want to thank you again for your selfless kindness and compassion towards me at the Henderson Court. It is so unusual and generous of you to use your expertise to help me. My faith in human nature has been restored. I felt so embarrassed being there and paralysed by increased stress in my life circumstances. This is a very grateful letter from someone who hopes you get some kind of satisfaction in knowing that you did a very kind thing for me.?

– Client charged with shoplifting $5.50 of cashew nuts

?I want to thank you for defending my case yesterday in the Waitakere District Court at short notice. I am very grateful to you. You did a splendid job and I will not forget it.?

– Client charged with drink driving

?”Thank you David for your skillful defence in our high court appeal for a wrongful criminal conviction. Your integrity and professionalism gave us peace of mind and confidence in the face of distress and uncertainty.”?

– @#$$%

If this sounds like the kind of legal representation you?ll prefer, do contact me and we?ll see how I can help you.